About Me

Geologist and planetary scientist interested in surface processes on terrestrial bodies, including Martian volcanism, tectonic activity on icy satellites, and terrestrial mountain-building/denudation. Passionate about integrating numerical modeling, fieldwork, and everything in between to approach geologic problems.

I am trained as a scientist, historian, and dancer, which informs my scientific and artistic research process. I am an avid astrohumanist focused on approaching future planetary exploration from a scientific and humanistic perspective. When I'm not analyzing Mars, I develop additional research work on everything from the history of geology and oceanography in the Cold War to the social and cultural implications of space travel! You can find some of my writing right here on my blog. I'm also involved in several projects aimed at building a more supportive environment for underrepresented groups in STEM at Brown and in the broader scientific community.

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Purdue University

Doctoral Student in Planetary Geology

  • Research areas: delineating the physics of multring impact basins on the Moon; formation and glacial loading of basins on Pluto; volcanic, glacial, and tectonic interactions on early Mars and their application to Martian geologic and climatic history.

  • Thesis Advisor: Dr. Brandon Johnson

Brown university

MS in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Science

  • Masters Thesis: Subsurface collapse and denudation of the fretted terrain and the Arabia Terra plateau: Origins and implications for martian dichotomy boundary evolution

  • Thesis Advisor: Dr. Jim Head

Rice University

BA in History

  • Co-Founder of Rice Historical Review


  • Concentration in Geology and Geophysics

  • Co-founder of Rice Undergraduate Geoscience Society